This site is archived and no longer active. No new comments will be approved and I will not be updating or adding posts. I have left it up as a resource, however, for those who continue to research the topic.

Original welcome and statement of purpose:

On this site I will be sharing my ideas, and those submitted by others in the yoga teaching profession, on developments that affect our work. As states begin to regulate our profession, our creative and proactive response as a community can both ensure quality in yoga instruction and integrity in teacher training standards. I am seeking two kinds of input here.There is a page for each topic where you can post your comments. I encourage readers to look at both. (Please make sure your comment is posted on the relevant page for your contribution– either the state vocational schools/teacher training topic, or the national exam and standards topic.)

1. I am asking you to read my proposal for a national certification standard; I would like feedback on the  idea. I would like to hear from yoga teachers, teacher trainers, fitness certifying agencies, small business owners in yoga and in fitness, larger fitness businesses who hire yoga teachers, community colleges and four year colleges with professional preparation programs in allied health and exercise science, and yoga students. My proposal treats yoga as not just a form of exercise, but a tradition with a philosophy and an understanding of the whole person– including subtle anatomy as well as bodily anatomy and biomechanics.

2.I am researching the impact of various state regulations, such as the requirement for teacher training programs to become state certified vocational schools. I  intend to collect data on the laws themselves, as well as on the impact on yoga studios and schools as small businesses, and on the supply and quality of teachers. I would like to hear from the state boards that supervise schools under these regulations, as well from those affected by them.

I would particularly like to hear from yoga teacher training program directors in the following places:  District of Columbia, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana,  Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina,North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Tennessee. I do not yet have information on the application of vocational school licensing laws  to yoga  teacher training schools in these states.